Because it is legal, easily purchased, and a major part of most social events, alcohol is a substance that can be easily abused or lead to dependency. There are several ways an individual can develop an alcohol use disorder or addiction, from regular consumption to binge drinking. Whatever the case, alcohol use can have a serious effect on the body. Whether through repeated use or perhaps because of genetic predisposition, alcohol can alter brain chemistry, causing the body to become dependent upon the substance to regulate the release of certain chemicals. When this happens, an individual has developed a dependency or addiction and needs alcohol to function normally. Simply stopping use often leads to severe withdrawal symptoms, which can cause serious health issues. Tides Edge Detox understands the dangers of alcohol withdrawal and offers a comprehensive detox program to help.

Understanding the Dangers of Alcohol Withdrawal

There can be significant dangers to withdrawing from alcohol if it’s not done the right way. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t understand the dangers of alcohol withdrawal. Therefore, they don’t get the kind of help and support they need for it. Either they suffer unnecessarily through alcohol withdrawal symptoms or grab another drink to stop them.

At Tides Edge Detox, we’ll help you focus on a healthy way to get through alcohol detox without causing harm. As you move through the process, we’ll be able to guide you and keep you healthy so that you can get past detox and into recovery. We know it’s not easy to change your life, but we can help you work toward a future that’s clean and sober so you can enjoy life again.

The Dangers of Alcohol Withdrawal Have to Be Considered

If you’ve been drinking alcohol for a long time, your body is used to it, even dependent on it. When you stop using it, your body is going to react in ways you might not expect. You can shake and tremble, feel sick, and even experience medical problems. Symptoms in severe cases include seizures and delirium tremens.

But when you come to us for detox and recovery, you can move through alcohol withdrawal in a controlled environment where medical professionals can help you. That reduces your risk of serious side effects and makes the process more comfortable for you to get through it more easily. Some of the options we offer to help you include general detox services, along with:

Rather than put yourself at risk, come to the experts at Tides Edge and avoid the dangers of alcohol withdrawal. You can get through the withdrawal process and then focus on a recovery you feel good about. While it’s sometimes hard to reach out and admit that help is needed, it’s always worth it. You don’t have to settle for a life of addiction when you can live one that’s clean and sober. You can get back to all the plans and goals you had before alcohol got in the way and make your future a bright and enjoyable one.

The Right Help Starts With the Right People

Our trained and caring professionals understand the dangers of alcohol withdrawal and can get you the help and support you’re looking for. The right treatment is very important, but so are the right people who know what to do. We want to make sure each one of our clients gets the treatment they need. This means providing the individual care that works for their situation. Our detox specialists will even help with the transition to our partner facility’s alcohol addiction rehab program.

Whether you’re looking for inpatient options, same-gender treatment, or other specifics, we’re here to work with you on a life and a future that’s strong and healthy.

Let Tides Edge Detox Help You Succeed Today

You don’t need to let an alcohol addiction control your life any longer. You can break free of that addiction when you come to the right detox treatment facility for help and support. Contact Tides Edge by calling 866.723.3127, or contact us online today, and we’ll work with you to find the path to recovery. We want to see you succeed, and we’re committed to making sure you get the right kind of help to do that. With proper detox, you can avoid the dangers of withdrawing from alcohol and focus on the recovery you and your family deserve.

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