Choosing the right place to spend time while you work on addiction is a big part of the process. Residential treatment is one of the most important types of programs available. It enables you to step away from the stress of your life to focus specifically on your recovery. A luxury treatment program makes this a bit easier. United Recovery Project is a South Florida drug rehab center that ensures you are comfortable and supported throughout your recovery.

What Is Luxury About a South Florida Drug Rehab?

Some people expect to find when they enter into treatment is a hospital-like setting, one where each person is locked into a room and meant to spend their time alone dealing with their addiction. That’s anything but what you’ll find here. In our treatment center, you’ll be surrounded by caring, supportive people who take pride in ensuring your needs are met. That includes providing you with:

  • A home-like setting where you feel as though you are part of the family
  • A comfortable environment where you’ll feel able to relax
  • Ample privacy so you never have to worry about challenges along the way
  • Exceptional support from people who really do care about your best outcome
  • Expert therapists and innovative programs designed to support your recovery

In a luxury setting, you’ll have access to comfortable surroundings, good food, and ample programs to enjoy. The amenities are designed to help give you what you need. In addition to this, we have a low client-to-staff ratio, which means there is always time to get the support you need when you need it.

What Makes Our South Florida Rehab Even Better

It’s not an easy decision to choose a place to live and work on yourself for a while. You want to know it’s the best opportunity for you. There are a few ways we make sure of this. One of those ways is providing you with a customized treatment plan. That means the programs and addiction therapy programs you engage in are designed to fit your needs and experiences. They are also able to support you as you work towards becoming a new version of yourself.

We also offer a natural, comfortable location that you may enjoy spending time with people you can respect. Our beautiful pool trips to the beach and onsite fitness programs make this a place to reclaim who you want to be. Overcoming dependency is possible because you’ll be using some of the most innovative programs available.

Choose Our Drug Rehab Center in South Florida to Get Started

Committing to drug addiction treatment is one of the best decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. Our team is ready to help make it possible. First, take a look at the wide range of drug rehab programs we offer. That includes:

With a separate men’s rehab center and women’s rehab center, an LGBTQ addiction treatment program, and a versatile alumni program, you can depend on United Recovery Project to capture your heart and heal your body from addiction. We are confident you will make it to the other side and have faith in our programs, people, and therapies to ensure the best possible outcome.

Make the Call to United Recovery Project Today

In our South Florida drug rehab center, you’ll find a wide range of resources to support you through the recovery process. We’re dedicated to providing you with exceptional support and outstanding tools. The only way to know what to expect is to give us a call to get started. Reach out to us now online or call 954.429.5026 to set up an appointment.

united recovery project logoUnited Recovery Project Florida offers unique intensive addiction treatment programs to help those struggling with the disease of addiction heal and recover. If you or a loved one struggles with substance use disorder, a dependency on drugs or alcohol, finding professional support is key. Our team at our luxury facility can provide the individualized care people need to overcome dependency both physically and mentally.