Sober living houses are substance-free residences designed to support drug and alcohol abstinence. The stable environment they provide may be critical to your success during recovery. Some sober living houses are co-ed. However, today, awareness of the benefits of gender-specific residences is growing. Keep reading to learn the three main benefits of women’s sober living.

At Women’s Recovery, we believe in the importance of women-only sober living. We also believe in making your stay in sober living as comfortable as possible. That’s why we combine gender-specific living with luxury and convenience. With our help, you can transition smoothly back into your everyday life and routine. Reach out today by calling 833.754.0554 to learn how gender-specific sober living may be right for you or a woman in your life.

1. Enhanced Security and Safety

Many women in recovery don’t feel secure or safe in the presence of men for several reasons, including:

  • A lifetime of having to cope with the sexualized male gaze
  • Negative experiences interacting with men in the past
  • A personal history of exposure to male sexual or physical violence
  • Past witnessing of others being exposed to male sexual or physical violence
  • Lack of a feeling of security can harm your sobriety in more ways than one. For example, you may find it difficult or impossible to speak and act freely. You may also feel a stronger urge to drink or take drugs.

Enrollment in a women-only sober living home allows you to steer clear of potentially damaging male influences. In turn, you may find yourself feeling much more secure and at ease. You may also find it easier to keep your day-to-day sobriety intact.

2. A Sober Living Home That Meets Your Unique Needs

Research shows that men and women don’t experience addiction in the same way. That’s true when it comes to motivations for using drugs or alcohol. It’s also true when it comes to specific risks for addiction. Those differences continue through active treatment and the early stages of sobriety. Women in sober living houses often have issues and concerns that vary significantly from their male counterparts.

Women’s sober living facilities are free to focus exclusively on the issues and concerns most common among women. This exclusive focus provides you with a more understanding and supportive recovery environment. It also gives you more time to explore your unique recovery needs fully.

Some women in sober living are still enrolled in an active, gender-specific treatment program. This may mean participating in standard outpatient care or an intensive outpatient program. In either case, a women-only living facility is a perfect complement to gender-specific treatment.

3. Avoidance of Romantic Relationships

Romantic relationships are not recommended for people in recovery. That’s true for both women and men. Why? Relationships of this type often:

  • Serve as a major personal distraction
  • Trigger the common social urge to gossip about others
  • Create a more tense environment for everyone

None of these things are helpful to maintaining your sobriety. Women’s sober living can reduce the chances of getting into a relationship. Doing so allows you to focus your energy on your recovery. The result is often a greater ability to remain sober and avoid future substance problems.

Learn More About the Benefits of Women’s Sober Living

Women’s Recovery is a women-only environment for treatment and recovery. Every day, we see the benefits of this approach come to life. Want to learn more about safe, effective sober living? Just call us today at 833.754.0554 or fill out our online form. Women’s Recovery also offers a full range of additional outpatient services for women. Whatever the nature of your substance issues, we’ll help you make progress toward long-term sobriety.