Every day, people from all walks of life across the country battle addiction. Many of those suffering from drug and alcohol dependency hide their addiction. It can take months or years for their families to notice. It can take just as long for someone to admit they need addiction help. Unnecessary shame, embarrassment, and feelings of failure can keep people from asking for help. Detoxing from drugs or alcohol at home can often be challenging and ultimately unsuccessful. Today, thousands of residential addiction treatment centers across the country are ready to offer support.

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What Is Residential Addiction Treatment?

Residential addiction treatment centers vary across the country. Some programs house less than a dozen residents at a time. Others are much larger. Many programs are geared towards specific interests. Some are faith-based or single-gender. Many offer specific programs like EMDR, equine therapy, or wilderness therapy to address the psychological impact of addiction. All programs focus on building health structures and support systems to reduce relapse. Most programs house residents between thirty and ninety days at a time. Their programs may include:

  • Group therapy
  • 12-step programs
  • Individual therapy
  • Relapse prevention therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Family therapy
  • After-care planning
  • Alumni programs

Most residential rehab programs pair detox with traditional therapy for a holistic approach. Programs are designed to help residents and clients establish after-care support like alumni programs and sober living homes. These programs provide consistent support to help residents transition from rehab back to home life.

Benefits of Residential Addiction Treatment

There are many benefits of residential addiction treatment. Residential addiction treatment can offer a life reset. This type of treatment removes residents from toxic home situations or stressful jobs. They give people the opportunity to gain perspective on their life and address addiction triggers. Other benefits of residential addiction treatment include:

  • Medical assistance – Most residential treatment programs use medically assisted detox treatments to help clients gently ween off of addictive substances. This reduces the risk of drug-related health problems.
  • Multiple types of therapy – One type of therapy may work for one client but not for another. Having therapy options can help those in recovery find precisely the treatment they need.
  • Nutrition support – Many programs offer nutritional counseling to help residents make healthier choices when they return home.
  • Solidarity – Overcoming addiction can be easier with others. Attempting to detox and recover at home can be isolating. When a resident goes through addiction treatment with others, they gain perspective and realize they are not the only person struggling with addiction.

Residential rehab centers reduce the risk of relapse and provide residents with recovery tools. These centers can help patients identify and avoid addiction triggers, child and adult trauma, as well as toxic relationships. One of the main benefits of residential rehab centers is that it produces a higher success rate than at-home detox and treatment.

Solidify Your Recovery with Residential Treatment at Atlanta Detox Center

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, you do not have to go it alone. Atlanta Detox Center can help. Our Georgia-based rehab programs feature residential drug and alcohol treatment for every state of addiction treatment. At Atlanta Detox Center, we believe in a different approach to addiction. Together, we can help you manage life stress and navigate early recovery with medical and psychological care.

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