The residential drug rehab you chose for inpatient treatment will play a pivotal role in your recovery and sobriety.  Therefore, it is important to select a center that is well equipped to treat your specific recovery needs.  A luxury residential rehab with an individual focus is the best place to receive inpatient treatment and begin the road toward long lasting recovery.Summit Estate Recovery Center is conveniently located in northern California near Silicon Valley.  They specialize in providing each client with a specifically tailored treatment plan to assist their recovery.  Located on 23 acres, Summit Estate’s six bed facility is staffed by 30 professionals who are all tasked with providing clients with the level of support they need to become and remain sober. During treatment at Summit Estate clients will first undo a personalized medical detox protocol.  By tailoring detox to the needs of the individual, clients are able to detox in a comfortable and controlled manner.  A safe and painless detox sets the stage for a clear mind for the intensive inpatient recovery that follows. Each of our clients will experience the following during their stay in our residential drug rehab:

  • Establishing a clean lifestyle, mind and body
  • Discovering the root cause of issues with anxiety and depression
  • Developing the tools necessary to decrease stress and reduce cravings
  • Focusing on eliminating the negative feelings of fear and pain
  • Engagement in healthy activities and behavior
  • Discovering of what makes each client happy and what activities bring pleasure while sober
  • Receiving assistance for addressing the real legal, personal and professional issues caused by the clients substance abuse
  • Participation in a highly structured and thorough inpatient rehabilitation program
  • Creation of an action plan for addressing concerns after leaving inpatient treatment

Summit Estate is the top residential drug rehab center in northern California. We offer clients personal attention that provides the ideal foundation for recovery and sobriety.  Our staff to client ratio is unmatched in the industry, setting us aside as the premier location for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Speak with one of our admissions counselors today to find out more about our programs.  Please complete the form on this site or call 800-701-6997.

summit estate logoSummit Estate Recovery Center offers private and semi-private rooms, as well as other luxurious amenities such as Jacuzzi, sauna, steam showers, fully equipped gym, executive business center, and more. The serene nature of the residential property creates a comfortable substance-free living environment. Stays usually range from 30 to 90 days. You can fuel your recovery in several different ways – from counseling and holistic therapy to gourmet meals and sober adventures. To learn more, visit