Some people who struggle with depression are able to hide their symptoms. Dealing with any mental health issue is troubling. It can interfere with a happy life and cause distress for those affected. Some people have undiagnosed mental health problems, which complicates the situation further. They do not know why they feel the way they do. You may suspect you have depression but aren’t sure. Sometimes the signs of depression are subtle and hard to distinguish. If you know what they are and seek a depression treatment program in Georgia, you will be better able to move forward in life.

Lack of Energy

One of the common signs of depression is a lack of energy. This also can appear as a lack of motivation. It can be an easy sign to overlook or dismiss because people may simply think they are just tired. They may attribute their fatigue to other things like not getting enough sleep, age, or physical issues. However, the root of the problem may actually be depression.

Depression can interrupt your sleep cycle, which will make you more tired because you’re not sleeping enough. Also, even if you are getting enough sleep, depression may lead to a lack of energy.

Increased Appetite

A subtle sign of depression is an increase in your appetite. You might feel like your eating all day long and do not get full, or you may get full but then feel hungry again shortly. Most people attribute over-snacking with stress eating, but it can be depression too.

Physical Complaints

Are you suffering from various physical symptoms that do not seem to make sense? Maybe you are getting frequent headaches, backaches, or stomach aches. In other words, are you dealing with different physical symptoms that aren’t connected and have no root in a physical problem? If so, then depression may be at the core of your problems. You may find that depression help will resolve some of these physical complaints.

Difficulty Concentrating

We all have times when it’s difficult to concentrate. Your mind may wander, or you may have trouble remembering pertinent details about things, but if you notice that this is becoming an ongoing issue, depression could be at its root. Depression fogs the brain and makes it difficult to concentrate. Therefore, you are unable to complete the tasks that you have to get done.  


Anxiety is characterized by frequent and extreme worrying. It can consume your mind and life. Anxiety also plays a role in depression. In fact, the two conditions often go hand-in-hand, making it easy to miss the depression aspect of it. If you have signs of anxiety, depression could be a factor that needs the attention of a medical professional.

Know the Signs of Depression at Atlanta Center for Mental Health

If you suspect you may have depression, then reach out to Atlanta Center for Mental Health. Our knowledgeable therapists and clinicians will assist you in an evaluation and provide help navigating forward.

We rely on evidence-based treatment programs to provide our clients with customized care. Some of these treatments include the following:

Do not put off seeking treatment for your mental health issues. Now that you know more about the signs of depression in Georgia, you can get started on your journey to a better future. You can achieve your goals to have a happy life when you take care of your mental health. Contact Atlanta Center for Mental Health at 833.625.0458, and we will be there every step of the way.

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