parPartial hospitalization is an intensive level of treatment that helps individuals struggling with drug addiction and or mental health issues. This program includes a medical doctor or other staffers such as a physician assistant who can prescribe medications, in the event they are necessary. This level of programming usually follows inpatient treatment. Generally, it requires your daily physical presence on the grounds of the facility. This programming is intensive and may be many hours per day. However, many programs vary in length of time. Trained staff are mindful of relapse at this critical stage as well as preventative measures against it. There is a focus on maintaining sobriety and getting healthy.

Understanding What Level Of Care Works Best

Working with the professionally trained and credentialed intake coordinator is the best way to determine which treatment level works best. Bayview Recovery Center has qualified staff on hand to help you with this decision. Partial hospitalization for addiction treatment is a level of care that is explored depending upon the severity of the presenting issue. Having inadequate treatment is not an option at Bayview Recovery Center. However, in order to place you appropriately, it is important for you to let us know exactly what level you are using and what your behaviors are. Being discreet is not going to help.

Who Makes The Decision Of Which Level Of Care I Begin With?

The staff at Bayview Recovery Center will determine which level of care is best for you, along with your invaluable input. It doesn’t matter where you are on the treatment schedule. If the relapse warrants it, you will have to go back to a partial hospitalization program. The decision of which level of care is always a joint decision with you as a central focus.

What To Expect When The Partial Hospitalization Program Is Over

Your situation may dictate that you have to go into intensive outpatient programming following your partial hospitalization program. This is the general next step after partial hospitalization. However, every individual situation brings with it various factors. You and the treatment staff may opt for another level of treatment. When you have completed your partial hospitalization for addiction treatment.

You will be maintained on medication, if necessary. You will have gained a certain amount of sobriety. Your mental health issue, if present, has been properly addressed and medicated, if necessary. You have worked with a treatment team including a medical doctor to give you a firm standing with your sobriety. You are feeling steadier on your feet and are firmly entrenched in your recovery. That is what you can expect with successful partial hospitalization for addiction treatment program completion. Our goal at Bayview Recovery Center is to get you to that place and have you continue onward to the aftercare treatment program and beyond.

The Process Of Entering Treatment

it cannot be stressed enough how individualized treatment is when it comes to drug rehabilitation. The process of entering treatment is different for everyone. You may enter after you have left an inpatient program. You may enter Bayview Recovery Center after you have completed an inpatient program. Your team may decide that your point of entry is at another stage. It depends upon your individual situation, your drug use, your history of relapse, your family situation, as well as countless other factors.

Understand that you will help make the decision and your input is critical to your success.

At Bayview Recovery Center we know that it’s rough, but we have you covered. In addition to partial hospitalization for addiction treatment. We have the following treatment programs:

Speaking of rough, Bayview Recovery Center touts an active, white-water rafting component as well as many other outdoor activities for your enjoyment and therapeutic rejuvenation. You’re starting over one why not get wet in the process and have fun while doing it. Our programming centers around hard-working adults who need drug rehabilitation. We serve the Pacific Northwest with a 30- bed facility that treats every type of addiction. Start the process today. You won’t know how good you’ll feel until you try. Call our intake and admission staffers at 855.478.3650.

Bayview Recovery Center is located in Tacoma, Washington and specializes in substance abuse addiction and co-occurring disorders. Specialist at Bayview recovery are equipped with years of experience navigating adult men and women to sobriety and giving them the tools to maintain it. Backed with a comprehensive set of treatment offerings for individualized care, Bayview has a commitment to fighting addiction. Learn more about Bayview Recovery here.