The road to recovery starts with finding the right place to go for treatment for substance use disorder. Here is where Rockland Recovery Sober Living is on the right track. We offer a residential facility where adult men and women can go to live and recover from drugs or alcohol in a safe and economical way. The benefits of sober living homes are countless, and they provide individuals with a bridge back to their everyday lives. So, let us show you what you can expect for yourself or a loved one when you enroll in the Dorchester or Rockland, MA house for men and women.

About Sober Living Homes

We design our sober living homes to help you recover from substance use disorder in a safe space. This is somewhere you have a well-formed community of staff, addiction counselors, and other residents in various stages of sober living. Everyone works together through group therapy and other treatment programs, including the 12-Step Program. As a result, you can work through your substance use issues and associated behaviors in an efficient manner.

You also have access to 24-hour services, including:

  • Medical care with nursing staff
  • Medically prescribed detox for patients with opioid or alcohol use disorders
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Professional therapists and addiction counselors

The ability to treat your substance use disorder effectively with this team is one of the reasons why patients choose Rockland Recovery for services. You can get the medically supported treatment you need to take that next step in your road to recovery.

Why Sober Living for Inpatient Treatment

Whether you are struggling with substance use disorder for the first time or are someone who has been in and out of residential care, consider sober living. Here is where living on campus is a great benefit. You are immersed in treatment in a sober living facility, which allows you to get more out of treatment in your time in the program. A sober living facility also focuses on inpatient treatment that provides more intense therapy. By living in a sober living home, everything around you is controlled for you. That way, you can take the time and energy you need to recover from the after-effects of having a substance use disorder. It is the best place to be when taking this time since you can reach out to addiction counselors and nurses to help you with your recovery process.

Benefits of Sober Living Homes with Rockland Recovery

Rockland Recovery in Massachusetts provides a well-rounded treatment program that includes both outpatient and inpatient services. Adults can receive the help they need in a safe environment. This makes all the difference when it comes to successfully making it through any treatment program for substance use disorder.

If you want to get started with treatment in a sober living center in MA, consider Rockland Recovery Sober Living. With two convenient locations—in Dorchester and Rockland—you can begin treatment for substance disorders close to home. Choose between our two homes where men and women over 21 reside while they are in treatment for substance use disorders. We also offer treatment for dual diagnosis for individuals dealing with mental health issues co-occurring with their substance use.

We also have many patients who are traveling from another city or state to start our sober living program. You can find out more information about applying today by calling 855.732.4842. The New England region is a wonderful area to live while working through a monitored drug and alcohol treatment program. So we hope you start working together with our team today to see the benefits of sober living homes soon for you or your loved one.