Addiction affects the entire family. Those struggling with addiction may lie or manipulate loved ones. Family members may stress or worry about their child, spouse, or loved one dealing with addiction. Unfortunately, addiction can tear families apart, making it more difficult for everyone to heal. Support from family and loved ones is crucial to successful recovery. Most rehab programs today include family therapy to help repair relationships and support a family on the road to recovery.

If your family is struggling with addiction, our Baltimore Detox Center team is ready to help. We can help you embrace the benefits of family counseling. For more information on our family therapy program, call us 833.714.1575 today or complete our convenient online form.

5 Benefits of Family Counseling

1. It Allows Family Members to Be Heard

One of the many benefits of family counseling is that it provides all parties involved to air grievances. Addiction is stressful for the entire family. Through family therapy, loved ones understand addiction and how their behavior affects their loved ones. Those in recovery see the impact their drug use has on their family. Parents, spouses, and children understand what addiction is really like for their loved ones. This approach makes everyone feel heard and supported.

2. It Helps to Rebuild Trust

Family therapy can rebuild trust or establish trust for the first time. Drug and alcohol use often breaks trust between loved ones. Therapists can help families understand one another and regain trust. Sometimes addiction starts with childhood trauma and early life distrust of other family members. This approach can help shift blame and look at the bigger picture of trust in relationships.

3. It Reinforces Addiction Treatment

Family counseling reduces the risk of relapse, overdose, and future drug-seeking behavior. By building a support network that truly understands addiction triggers and causes, people are more likely to stay sober.

4. It Addresses Family Stress

Family therapy can address stressors. Sometimes it’s hard to see how relationships affect stress levels. A therapist can openly and honestly address family stress.

5. It Heals the Entire Family

Family counseling services help everyone, even those who have never abused substances. Therapists help families develop:

  • Communication tools
  • New perspectives
  • A greater understanding of their relationships.

Without family therapy, old wounds can go unhealed. When family members do not voice their own experience of a loved one’s addiction, it can lead to distrust and resentment. A family therapist facilitates conversation and can even recommend individual therapy for those who need more support during a loved one’s recovery. This type of therapy helps reframe relationships and foster communication. Therapists offer tools for communication and understanding in a safe space. These types of therapists approach addiction as a relationship issue, not an individual problem. This can help families resolve blame, anger, and mistrust. Through new perspectives, families can uncover and heal old wounds. Working with family dynamics can uncover addiction causes and speed recovery. The bottom line is that every family member benefits from family counseling.

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