Getting addiction treatment can feel challenging if you have already had treatment and still experienced a relapse. Trial and error are a part of a lot of people’s healing journeys. It’s good to keep an open mind to trying something new if you feel you’ve hit a wall. EMDR therapy may be an option that allows you to take the next steps, so we are happy to help you learn about it.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy, or EMDR therapy, is just one of the variety of treatment options offered at Grace Counseling in Fort Worth, Texas, and Lewisville, Texas. We are ready to help you or a loved one today in finding a treatment plan.

What Does EMDR Therapy Treat?

EMDR therapy was originally developed to treat trauma survivors, but its track record shows success in more than just classic cases of PTSD. EMDR can provide benefits to those who are dealing with:

  • Addiction to alcohol or other substances
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief or loss
  • Panic disorder

Many individuals battling a substance use disorder also have another diagnosis or mental health symptoms. Treating both simultaneously can help patients to heal more holistically, for longer-lasting sobriety. At Grace Counseling, our addiction and mental health experts work with families to heal trauma and form healthy and positive connections. We invite you to take a moment today to find out more about our programs.

Addiction Treatment Programs at Grace Counseling

Our Lewisville and Fort Worth, Texas facilities are spacious and welcoming, with a caring and experienced team. Our patients can rest assured they will be comfortable and safe, with plenty of room for everyone to be socially distanced as much as necessary during the Covid pandemic. We offer a set of treatment options that are chosen to treat all aspects of addictive symptoms and their effects. Patients at Grace Counseling can go through any or all of the following programs, depending on how severe symptoms may be:

  • Detox and partial hospitalization program (PHP) for those needing high levels of care.
  • Adult and adolescent PHP
  • Individualized outpatient programs (IOP) to support patients who are re-entering work or family life at home and who have a safe home to return to
  • Full-time family program, which includes family in the process of recovery, to strengthen relationships and give longer-lasting recovery

Grace Counseling’s team prides itself on finding the right combination of therapies to build individualized treatment plans. We understand that no two people have the same story, and we are here to understand yours. Our services are given with dignity and respect so that everyone can heal in a safe and motivating environment.

While it can be difficult to discuss the topics of addiction, trauma, or other symptoms, taking the time to understand what you or a loved one is experiencing can be very valuable. Having the understanding and words to verbalize one’s experiences is an important first step towards recovery.

Grace Counseling Can Help You Today

Take the time today to find out more about the options you have for addiction and mental health treatment. At Grace Counseling, we highly value providing each of our patients with the opportunity to find their road to healing. Our multidisciplinary team can offer insight and treatment to adults and adolescents. We have experts in addiction, mental health diagnoses, yoga, and nutrition. We are happy to help those seeking recovery and their families along with them. If you or someone you care about is suffering in silence, there’s no need to wait any longer – reach out to our compassionate staff today online.